Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Initial Appointments

    • Intake Treatment (First 3 Appointments)

      You will go through a series of three (3) treatments to determine your personal rate of response to the treatment.  During this time we will thoroughly explain to you how the therapy is addressing the root cause of your health complaints, as well as explain how we determine the best course of care for your conditions and how we track your improvements throughout your care.   Please click this link to book. 

    • Prospective Patient Consultation Free
      Are you wondering if working together is the right fit? We offer a free consult to answer questions and explain if acupuncture can support your health goals.
  • Follow Up Appointments

    • Follow up Acupuncture Appointment

      Discuss changes since last appointment.

      Acupuncture treatment & therapeutic modalities.

      Please click this link to book.

    • Extended Treatment

      For established patients only. Requires approval of practitioner in order to schedule.

      For chronic, complicated, or multi-focused health complaints.

  • Stand Alone Services

    • Cupping
      Cupping is the only form of decompression therapy available, and is an excellent adjunct procedure for those experiencing back pain, or looking to recover from strenuous training quicker.   Please click this link to book. 
    • Herbal Consultation
      Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful tool for optimal health. Whether you add herbs to your acupuncture treatment plan, or simply wish to seek treatment through herbs alone we are here to prescribe a formula custom tailored to your needs. 
    • NADA Auricular Protocol
      Ear acupuncture only
      For Smoking Cessation or addiction treatment.